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Why are so many gaming companies centred in Malta?

If you spend enough time gaming online and reading through the fine print, you’ll soon realise that many online casinos are based in, have offices in or have obtained licences from Malta. The reason for this is twofold: Malta is one of the first European Union members to regulate the online gambling industry successfully; and it offers very appealing corporate tax conditions which benefit online casino industries with low duty. Here we look at why a Maltese gaming license attracts so many gaming companies, developers and offices.

Obtaining a License in Malta

Malta became an important gaming hub over the last few decades owing to revisions in its licensing law and the introduction of regulated remote gaming in 2000. As a result, Malta’s gambling industry now represents upwards of 12% of the nation’s annual GDP. Unlike other countries in the European Union, Malta has sophisticated regulations in place which allow all gambling types to be understood through a single law, and they specify the legality of gambling as an industry.

Malta have very well organised licensing laws which have developed over time to allow for remote gaming, something that is very beneficial when setting up an online casino or gaming business. Understanding the legality of a business is of the utmost importance, so many new companies choose Malta because of the clarity of its licensing. As an EU member state, licenses in Malta can operate elsewhere in the EU.

Low Tax

There are specialised and efficient processes for obtaining a gaming license, which are issues for a five year period with extensions. Each license — of which there are four, covering simple casino games through fixed-odds betting — is taxed according to its type, but these taxes are extremely low when compared to other EU member states. Currently, sports betting licenses have a tax rate of only 0.5%, making them among the lowest in Europe. Because EU law states that a company pays its taxes in any chosen country of operation without having to pay them elsewhere, we can see why Malta’s tax incentives are so attractive to European gambling businesses.

Starting an International Business Online

Most entrepreneurs who want to start up businesses look at the possibility of doing it online. With a lot of people living their lives online, companies are making good money from it. Starting an online business is not straightforward, though, and an entrepreneur must take into account various elements.



Before starting an international business or expanding a local one, a business person should consider the market. Consumers across the globe have similarities and differences. An entrepreneur must first analyse a particular target market and build a niche. Understanding the market beforehand will save a business a lot of resources in trial and error practices.

Market research will go a long way in setting up an international company online that brings in results. Through research, it is possible to find out about average prices, access, demand, and look at the competition.

When doing research, an entrepreneur must also consider the culture of the region. Culture impacts consumer behaviour and some businesses may not be viable in certain areas. It may also affect the prevailing regulations and legal applications.


Another consideration is the marketing of the business. After establishing a new business, an entrepreneur must tell consumers what it’s about and what it offers. Marketing plays a big role when a business is taking off. There are various tactics of marketing an online business to specific markets. With a myriad of other companies on the playing field, a particular company has to show that it has something different to offer.


The legality of a business entity is very critical. A company cannot operate without the proper licensing, even online. Before setting up a website, an entrepreneur should know the regulations and restrictions that dictate the entity they are establishing. Operating across different countries will also bring in new legal elements. For instance, business persons in England who want to extend their online businesses to Malta should know which laws to follow. The most appropriate solution in such situations is to hire professionals to give legal advice on how to start a company based in Malta.

Setting up a website has its legal formalities as well. An entrepreneur must address issues like data security and confidentiality of information. E-commerce sites are notoriously tricky when it comes to privacy. A legal professional can also help with such matters.