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Why are so many gaming companies centred in Malta?

If you spend enough time gaming online and reading through the fine print, you’ll soon realise that many online casinos are based in, have offices in or have obtained licences from Malta. The reason for this is twofold: Malta is one of the first European Union members to regulate the online gambling industry successfully; and it offers very appealing corporate tax conditions which benefit online casino industries with low duty. Here we look at why a Maltese gaming license attracts so many gaming companies, developers and offices.

Obtaining a License in Malta

Malta became an important gaming hub over the last few decades owing to revisions in its licensing law and the introduction of regulated remote gaming in 2000. As a result, Malta’s gambling industry now represents upwards of 12% of the nation’s annual GDP. Unlike other countries in the European Union, Malta has sophisticated regulations in place which allow all gambling types to be understood through a single law, and they specify the legality of gambling as an industry.

Malta have very well organised licensing laws which have developed over time to allow for remote gaming, something that is very beneficial when setting up an online casino or gaming business. Understanding the legality of a business is of the utmost importance, so many new companies choose Malta because of the clarity of its licensing. As an EU member state, licenses in Malta can operate elsewhere in the EU.

Low Tax

There are specialised and efficient processes for obtaining a gaming license, which are issues for a five year period with extensions. Each license — of which there are four, covering simple casino games through fixed-odds betting — is taxed according to its type, but these taxes are extremely low when compared to other EU member states. Currently, sports betting licenses have a tax rate of only 0.5%, making them among the lowest in Europe. Because EU law states that a company pays its taxes in any chosen country of operation without having to pay them elsewhere, we can see why Malta’s tax incentives are so attractive to European gambling businesses.

ManagerZone – The Best Football Strategy Game

ManagerZone was launched in 2001 and gives football fans the opportunity to manage their very own football team! This game is about strategizing and managing your team in the long-term against other players from around the world. You are the Manager – so you call the shots. You’re in charge of the finances, and you decide whether to invest in your Youth or Senior Players. If your club has to declare bankruptcy, then your game is over, and you have to start again.

ManagerZone is not only an exciting and competitive game, but also a chance to join a community, where you can meet people who share your enthusiasm for football. The game has forums, message boards, guest books and opportunities to join federations, which all create opportunities for you to make friends with other Managers. However, don’t forget that the competition is always on! Your team can compete against other football teams by competing in Sunday and Wednesday League matches, or by fighting for the Official and Prized Cups which bring prestige and prizes. If you want to get the hang of competing without having to deal with the pressure of winning, try starting out in a friendly league.

If you’re just getting started, visit it the site to find out what software you need to install to play ManagerZone and learn all there is to know about playing the game in the handy guides. You can also familiarise yourself with the layout of the game before you begin. The game attempts to mirror real football events as closely as possible, so ManagerZone has football seasons, which last 91 days and play off matches take place at the end of each season. Your players have different strengths and weaknesses, and they age one year per season.

This article just brushes over the basics of the game, so continue researching. Install ManagerZone and start playing – we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Arbitrage Betting: Betting But Not As You Know It

Many people like to have a bet. It may be at the casino, on the horses, or on the football. Many people, or probably most people, lose more money than they win when they bet. But did you know there’s a system of betting where you’re guaranteed to win money? Surely it’s too good to be true?! Nope! It’s called arbitrage betting.

What is it?

Arbitrage betting is where you place bet on every outcome of a sports event. Now, of course this can’t be done with every sports event, or everyone would do it all the time! It can be only be done when the odds are such that it’s possible to make a profit by betting on outcome.

Sure bets

These bets are also known as sure bets, or miracle bets. That’s because they go against the normal logic of betting being a form of gambling. With arbritage betting, you can’t lose! There are many different variations of arbitrage bets that you can do. It could for example be on one football team winning, a draw, or the other football team winning. On the same match you could also for example bet on a red card being shown in the match, and for a red card not being shown in the match. There are many more examples of bets you could make. They are almost endless. To do arbitrage bets properly, you will need betting accounts across multiple sites, so you can get the best odds possible. On some occasions, it will be impossible to make a profit, but by having accounts across multiple sites, you will be able to check if the arbitrage betting is profitable and ultimately worthwhile. There is software that can do this for you.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t still have your fun with straightforward sports betting. Of course you can! Nothing beats the thrill of having a flutter on the horses on a Saturday. Also, as great as arbitrage betting is, the potential winnings will probably be a lot more in a straightforward bet. However, it is important to stick to an amount you’d be happy to lose, and not go over it. After all, betting should just be fun at the end of the day.

5 things to consider before you play online casino games

Online gambling can seem a little intimidating to beginners, but there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had, even if you have never played in an online casino. Here are 5 things to consider before you play online casino games.

1. Learn about the types of casino games on offer before you play

Even if you have never visited a casino, online or otherwise, you will no doubt have heard of some of the games that are popular in casinos. Most games fall into categories and the most common online casino games are table games, slots, video poker and specialty games. It’s also a good idea to check what kind of bonuses they offer, and if you’re not sure about what all the bonus terms mean all you need to do is a little research.

2. Choose which games to play

The huge choice of online casino games can make it difficult to decide which games are for you. But after playing different games, you will know which ones you prefer.

3. Know that casino games are games of chance

The outcomes of casino games are a result of random events, which makes them games of chance. You can improve your chances of winning in certain games but it usually comes down to luck.

4. Consider the amount you want to bet

Online gambling can be exciting and fun, but it is still gambling, so you must use only an amount of money for casino games that you would be willing and can afford to lose.

5. How to increase your chance of winning

While the online casino gambling system is a game of chance, there are some small things you can do to increase your advantage. You can choose games with a lower house edge. Learn more about house edge and increasing your chances of winning by clicking here.

These are some things to consider before getting started with online casino games. But most of all, have fun and enjoy the fast paced action of a casino from home.

How to Get Ahead in the World of Poker

Poker is a mental game and a game of chance. There’s no secret weapon that will help you to win. A lot of things can and do go wrong. What is important is to apply the knowledge gained, and take the game one step at a time. You will make lots of mistakes, but sooner or later playing will become second nature.

Poker is played one hand at a time, so it is important to know the history preceding the hand you are holding and that you can read the players who are still playing – their types, and how they may interpret your actions. What the odds tell you is the right play to make. You need to know your game, and that playing in that certain way matters in the long run. You should also realize that sometimes making all the right decisions doesn’t guarantee a win. However, having a good strategy definitely helps. Learn more here.

Fundamental to any beginner’s strategy is to know the mathematics. This allows you to list all the relative numbers against your hand. This numerical comparison is the simplistic way of understanding the odds-on hand combinations.

Master Hand Hierarchy, And the Grammar of Poker

Poker is a sub-culture so it has many terminologies. Know your opponents, listen to the way they use terminology and talk. This way, you can differentiate a ‘Chameleon’ from a ‘Fish’.

To be a good player you will need to master the right time to value a bet, e.g. You may have to bet aggressively to protect your good hand, make large raises to try to force the others who may in time get a better hand, or at least make them pay a lot to see yours. Other times folding may be the better option. You can fold many times in poker without losing any money.

Poker Bonuses – Going Good

Freebies and bonuses have always managed to catch the attention of people. Bonuses assume more significance in the casino industry, which thrives only based on the support of the customers.

Varied bonuses are offered by almost all casinos, though identifying good bonuses is paramount. Two factors make a bonus good enough – the amount offered should be high, and it should be feasible to withdraw the bonus easily and with minimum wagering restrictions.

It is always better to read the fine print and understand the terms that come along with the bonus offered. The conditions are exclusive to each online site. Welcome bonuses cannot be cashed out unless a deposit is made. Play-through amounts may include the bonus amount, too. Sometimes bonuses are cancelled if the player does not play the game for a certain amount of time. It is advisable to check out the different bonuses and the conditions that come along with them.

Rakebacks are not to be missed while considering good bonuses. While bonuses are for all genres of players, high volume players are gifted with another kind of bonus called a rakeback, where a percentage of the rake is returned to the player’s account every month. To know more about selecting the best rakeback from the various ones offered on the market check-out one of the many online resources available to you.

Bonuses for playing poker are not only limited to online poker sites, but even land based casinos have VIP and loyalty programs for their frequent clientele. The bonuses are offered with the main intention of attracting a customer and making him frequent the same casino rather than changing casinos for each game. Who would not want freebies? It is all the more attractive when such freebies can be earned by playing their favourite game.

Types Of Bets Available Online

There are different types of bets that are available to players. The more the bet types, the more the opportunities for making a killing with a relatively small wager. However, there has to be an understanding of these bets before any winning can happen. The types of bets also carry different risk profiles, and reducing risk is in the interest of the gambler. Read on for some of the bets available online.

Asian handicap

The handicap, as it is commonly known, is an interesting bet type that allows punters to reduce their risk. A typical bet has three options; win, lose, and draw. Statistically, every bet option has a 33.33% chance of happening. That reduces the probability of winning a bet to a third. With handicap bet, the draw option is eliminated such that the possible outcomes are a win or a loss. For a handicap bet to return a winning, the player has to select the stronger team and bet that it will win by more goals. A handicap bet is considered a safer bet than a regular bet because the chances of winning are raised from 33.335 to 50%. Learn more about how it works and use it to your advantage.

Parlays or Multi-bets

These bets are notoriously hard to get right, and that is why all sports betting jackpots are accumulators or multi-bets. A multi-bet or parlay requires you to bet on the outcomes of more than one game. The only betting options, more often than not, are win, draw, and lose. Multi-bets are very rich when done right.

Double chance

The double chance bet is interesting because it basically allows you to bet that one or the other team will win. The only risk is that a draw might be the outcome. Like the handicap, double chance bets reduce the risk of winning from a third to a half.

As always, only pick bets that you understand well to avoid losing unnecessarily.

Casino Palace’s Funny Games

There are so many slots available that it can be hard to choose. From action to horror, romance to superheroes, the list is almost endless. This is where comedy slots can come to the fore. Whilst slots are generally entertaining in their own right, the following slots just add a little something else to the proceedings and perhaps take that tense edge off when things are not quite going as planned.

Taco Brothers

From Elk Studios comes a beautifully animated and entertaining slot set out in the small Mexican town of Santa Maria. In Santa Maria free tacos used to be freely available to all the residents. However an evil captain has confiscated them all, leaving the town without its precious tacos. Three brothers have to steal the tacos back from where they have been locked up. The slot is filled with cute characters and fun graphics with a semi comic book style feel to it. Background characters are just as fully formed as the main one and add a spice of fun, with crying children and comedic explosions to boot.

When Pigs Fly

From NetEnt comes this rather unusual themed crossover. A sci-fi slot with animals, it tells the tale of when pigs first made the flight to the moon. Full of excellent graphics, with a Mr and Mrs Pig, the slot has the feel of 1970s cartoons. With the entreating story, players find enjoyment in both winning some cash and also in the cute little story that runs alongside.

There are many more comedic slots available at Casino Palace. The casino offers a wide range of other slots from which to choose and the set-up is such that a simple search by theme, game provider, or slot title yields instant results.

Slots are already fun in their own right but these and others such as Machine Gun Unicorn and Family Guy make the games just that little bit more enjoyable.

Time for online mobile casinos

Smartphones are taking over as the preferred gadget, especially when the player is on the move. Although laptops and desktop computers are still very relevant today, we are seeing a surge in the use of these handheld gadgets. The more we advance in technology, the more we are adopting in phone-based interactions. Today, many people today are spending countless hours on their phones. That is why the mobile online casino bug is catching up.

Here are some benefits:

1. It is mobile

As the name suggests, it is mobile and you can play them wherever you are – on the bus, train, a restaurant, or the park. The possibility of moving around with your mobile device makes it efficient for a mobile casino. So, you do not have to get bored in a queue anymore!

2. App use

The application or ‘app’ idea came onto the scene with the introduction of the smart phone. According to Online Casinos Reviewed online casinos on modern applications allow the user to perform multiple actions at the same time. You can now play your favourite casino game while you are performing other duties like trading stocks, making deposits, waiting at the shops, waiting for the bus and so on. These applications are also easy to download and are not bulky on your phone memory. The only hindrance would be a limit in the number of games that can be accessed. These apps are regulated by government bodies, such as the UK Government to keep them safe and crime free. They are also tailored to the individual player.

3. Do not be left behind

The world is evolving quite fast. Playing on the computer is fun, but sometimes you will need to pause and continue your game latter on. With your smartphone in your pocket, there is no need of waiting and you can fill your spare time with countless hours of gaming entertainment!

Starting an International Business Online

Most entrepreneurs who want to start up businesses look at the possibility of doing it online. With a lot of people living their lives online, companies are making good money from it. Starting an online business is not straightforward, though, and an entrepreneur must take into account various elements.



Before starting an international business or expanding a local one, a business person should consider the market. Consumers across the globe have similarities and differences. An entrepreneur must first analyse a particular target market and build a niche. Understanding the market beforehand will save a business a lot of resources in trial and error practices.

Market research will go a long way in setting up an international company online that brings in results. Through research, it is possible to find out about average prices, access, demand, and look at the competition.

When doing research, an entrepreneur must also consider the culture of the region. Culture impacts consumer behaviour and some businesses may not be viable in certain areas. It may also affect the prevailing regulations and legal applications.


Another consideration is the marketing of the business. After establishing a new business, an entrepreneur must tell consumers what it’s about and what it offers. Marketing plays a big role when a business is taking off. There are various tactics of marketing an online business to specific markets. With a myriad of other companies on the playing field, a particular company has to show that it has something different to offer.


The legality of a business entity is very critical. A company cannot operate without the proper licensing, even online. Before setting up a website, an entrepreneur should know the regulations and restrictions that dictate the entity they are establishing. Operating across different countries will also bring in new legal elements. For instance, business persons in England who want to extend their online businesses to Malta should know which laws to follow. The most appropriate solution in such situations is to hire professionals to give legal advice on how to start a company based in Malta.

Setting up a website has its legal formalities as well. An entrepreneur must address issues like data security and confidentiality of information. E-commerce sites are notoriously tricky when it comes to privacy. A legal professional can also help with such matters.