ManagerZone was launched in 2001 and gives football fans the opportunity to manage their very own football team! This game is about strategizing and managing your team in the long-term against other players from around the world. You are the Manager – so you call the shots. You’re in charge of the finances, and you decide whether to invest in your Youth or Senior Players. If your club has to declare bankruptcy, then your game is over, and you have to start again.

ManagerZone is not only an exciting and competitive game, but also a chance to join a community, where you can meet people who share your enthusiasm for football. The game has forums, message boards, guest books and opportunities to join federations, which all create opportunities for you to make friends with other Managers. However, don’t forget that the competition is always on! Your team can compete against other football teams by competing in Sunday and Wednesday League matches, or by fighting for the Official and Prized Cups which bring prestige and prizes. If you want to get the hang of competing without having to deal with the pressure of winning, try starting out in a friendly league.

If you’re just getting started, visit it the site to find out what software you need to install to play ManagerZone and learn all there is to know about playing the game in the handy guides. You can also familiarise yourself with the layout of the game before you begin. The game attempts to mirror real football events as closely as possible, so ManagerZone has football seasons, which last 91 days and play off matches take place at the end of each season. Your players have different strengths and weaknesses, and they age one year per season.

This article just brushes over the basics of the game, so continue researching. Install ManagerZone and start playing – we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!